Online LTC Class



       THE OFFICIAL ONLINE NEW LICENSE TO CARRY EARLY TEXAS CLASS. The New License Class is the easiest way to get your Texas CHL/LTC License.  The Texas Department of Public Safety DPS Approved  Statewide Online Class.

     Getting your CONCEALED OR OPEN CARRY CLASS  also referred to as LTC or License To Carry, allows open or concealed carry in Texas as well as 37 other states that have reciprocity with Texas.

     With the Texas LICENSE TO  CARRY, you can carry open or concealed in more places without restrictions or penalties. The license gives your legal protection and benefits as seen below.


      • Trespass Protection

      • Carry on Campus

      • School Zone

      • Police Interactions

      • Peace of Mind

      • Avoid Background Checks Purchasing Guns

      • Carry past “No Gun” Posting signs

      • Learn the Laws that Protect you

      • Understand the Protections of Possessing your CHL LTC


    18 years or older can get their Concealed Handgun License to Carry Taking THE NEW LICENSE TO CARRY, EARLY TEXAS CLASS,  lets an 18 or older person carry where everyone else does. 21 and older can carry in 37 other states that have reciprocity with Texas.

    Online Class: Online Texas Concealed Open Carry class/ License to Carry Class

         It’s Easy to Understand,  the Online Class is Simple but Thorough. It is so easy we have a pass guarantee. Take the ONLINE CARRY LICENSE CLASS  at your home where you are comfortable and relaxed.

         We are the Number One ONLINE LICENSE TO CARRY CONCEALED OPEN CLASS in Texas and our Class was one of the very first approved by the Texas DPS.

         Take your class at your own pace, it is self paced and available all day and all night. Your progress is saved and you can pick up where you left off.

        You can take the course with vivid videos or just listen to the audio only so you can use blue tooth in your car or walking around getting in shape.

    It works on all devices, computer, smart phone, laptop, or Ipad.

    Certificate of Training LTC 101 LICENSE TO CARRY, EARLY TEXAS LTC

         You can download your Certificate of Training immediately after you finish your course. You don’t have to wait for it to be sent to you.

         Then you can download your DPS Official Certificate of Training. This is the Certificate Required to get your CHL/LTC in Texas so you can apply immediately.

    Application Process for CONCEALED OPEN CARRY/LTC

         First Step is taking  Our Class covers the application process in easy to follow steps that we go over and provide direct links to apply.

    THE OFFICIAL STATE OF TEXAS DPS REQUIRED ONLINE CLASS is the simplest way to get licensed quickly. You will take it at your own pace. Start your class now!,

         The application process in 100% online and no paper apps. Take the Online Texas CHL Class, get your certificate of completion and then apply on the DPS website for your License to Carry. 

                                                                    Its quick and easy.

                                           Enroll in the online class and we do the rest.

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